How to get your neighborhood prepared for weather-related emergencies: 

First, check our calendar below to see if a presentation or workshop is being held in your neighborhood. If so, RSVP! If not, you or a neighbor can create an event for your neighborhood and we'll provide materials and facilitation. Building Resilient Neighborhoods offers an Introductory Presentation and the Extreme Weather Challenge workshop. Sign up to organize them below.

Workshops & Events

Go to our calendar and check if there are any presentations or workshops happening in your neighborhood. If you don't see any, sign up to organize one with your neighbors!

Find out what it's all about!


Organize a group in your neighborhood and choose a few dates of availability and we'll help you set up the 40-minute Building Resilient Neighborhoods Introductory Presentation.

The Extreme Weather Challenge Workshop helps prepare for extreme heat and other weather-related emergencies.


Organize a workshop in your neighborhood! Here's you need to do: arrange available dates, times, and a location, invite 15 or more people and plan follow-ups. Provide refreshments and snacks if desired. We will provide the facilitator, audio-visual equipment, and free workbooks and guides. 


Our 3-hour interactive workshop takes groups through three parts.

1. Learn about managing heat illness. 

2. Assess vulnerabilities and needs in heat-related emergencies.

3. Decide on actions for your neighborhood to take to be ready for a heat emergency without electricity.

4. Prepare for future challenges.


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