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Building Resilient Neighborhoods on KXCI - July 10, 2016
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Who We Are

How It Works

The Building Resilient Neighborhoods (BRN) Work Group prepares Southern Arizona neighborhoods for extreme heat and other weather-related emergencies via community cohesion. BRN provides workshop education, materials, and best practices through community-led action and preparation. BRN is part of the Physicians for Social Responsibility-Arizona (PSR-AZ) Chapter based in Tucson. The chapter was founded in 1982 as PSR/Southern Arizona with headquarters in Tucson, AZ. The Chapter Director is Barbara H. Warren, MD, MPH. 

With an electrical distribution system that is aging and peak demand loads in hot summers, urban and rural areas are subject to loss of power and black-outs. 


Connecting our neighbors in advance will help us discuss how we can prepare. We may need to survive a lengthy disruption in water and electric service. Emergency services will be overwhelmed in a wide-ranging blackout. Learning about your neighborhood and neighbors by understanding available assets, skills, and potential weaknesses and creating a plan of action is critical. Your neighbors will be your lifeline. 

Building Resilient Neighborhoods (BRN) depends on community action and cohesion in order to accomplish its mission.


Engage your neighborhood to come together to be prepared for extreme heat and other weather-related emergencies.  


Once you or a neighbor has arranged a location, a date and invited 15 or more other neighbors, BRN provides the facilitators, presentation, and materials to get started.


Becoming a facilitator and/or volunteer is also easy. Find how you can get involved by going to our Workshops & Events Page and our Volunteer Page.

Our Impact

Since 2013, Building Resilient Neighborhoods (BRN) has worked with over 22 neighborhoods in Tucson.


Each neighborhood story is unique as they themselves are the leaders and decision makers for how they plan to prepare for heat emergencies.


The impact extends farther than education and planning procedures; Neighborhoods have created sustainable and community-reviving strategies such as building community gardens, starting neighborhood potlucks, and neighborhood house tours to act as an on-going point of staying connected. 


Telephone: 520-325-3983​
Email: extremeweatherchallenge@gmail.com

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